Cotton Whitening Agent

Cotton Whitening Agent
Product Description

CELLAWHITE 2BL is stable in hard water bleached baths based on peroxide and sodium dithionate and resin without additional acidification. If the PH of the bath is less than 5.5 greening of the substrate washing in a slightly alkaline solution or by increasing the PH.

CELLAWHITE 2BL is compatible with anionic and nonionic products and finishing agents.

  • Iron and copper reduce the whitening effect. If traces of metal are present in the bath, add a chelating agent.
  • CELLAWHITE 2BL dose not present any special hazards when used for the recommended application, provided the usual elementary safety and hygiene rules for handling chemicals are observed.
  • In rats the acute oral median lethal dose (LD50) is above 5000 mg/kg body weight. 

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